A devotion to extensive research of the history of clubwear and desire to escape the shallowness of luxury have been at the forefront of MISBHV’s design philosophy since its founding in 2015 by creative director Natalia Maczek.

      Exploring the intersection of fashion and the 90’s underground the Poland-based collective with previous ties to Maison Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Arts paint a landscape of roughness, fun, nostalgia and futurism in a subversive marriage of quiet nuance of luxury and philosophical frame of streetwear - striking a chord throughout the global underground with eclectic means of conversation.

      From critically acclaimed debut at Paris Fashion Week to releasing vinyl records from heavyweights DJ Hell and Wolfram on its own namesake label MISBHV is moving at the forefront of the cool. Always crafting its products in Poland from carefully selected Italian materials, close to home and heart, MISBHV retains its unapologetic authenticity whilst looking outwards to the next relevant move forward. An array of club-ready engineered knitwear, futuristic but luxurious footwear and industrial leather bags stand alongside Matrix-era vegan leather tailoring and silk shirting weaving together a story of extravagance, love and rebellion.

      MISBHV Distressed Smiley Sweater


      MISBHV 2001 Crystals Hoodie


      MISBHV RAVE Hoodie


      MISBHV Globe Crystals Hoodie


      MISBHV 1982 Hoodie


      MISBHV Monogram Turtleneck


      MISBHV 2001 Crystals T-Shirt


      MISBHV RAVE T-Shirt


      MISBHV Globe Crystals T-Shirt


      MISBHV Xtasea Spiral Tie Dye T-shirt


      MISBHV The View T-Shirt


      MISBHV College Pants with Embroidery